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Nothing can ruin a beautiful Cocoa Beach day like a clogged pipe, sink, toilet or drain.

We offer drain, sink, toilet and pipe clearing in Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne, Melbourne Beach and all of Brevard County

melbourne beach clogged drain, cocoa beach clogged drain, melbourne clogged sink, cocoa clogged sink, melbourne beach clogged toilet, cocoa beach clogged toilet, clogged pipe, of brevard county, melbourne, cocoaWhen you have a clogged toilet in your home, there are many different ways you can try to get it done. Save yourself some money and try any of the following tricks before you call a plumber.

Flushing: When you see your toilet is clogged, do not flush the toilet more than once. The first time you flush, it may not overflow, but I can guarantee that it will overflow if you try to flush it again. Prepare yourself to unclog the toilet by putting on a pair of rubber gloves, place newspapers or paper towels around the base of the toilet and turn the water to the toilet off. This can be done by turning the little faucet-type knob that is at the back of the toilet. Once you have done the preparations, the next step is to decide which is the best way to unclog the toilet.

Dish Soap and Hot Water
One method you can try is placing a few squirts of dish soap into the toilet bowl and then dumping a large container of hot water into the toilet. What you are trying to do is raise the temperature of the water that is passing around the clog and after a few minutes it may soften the clog enough to clear the pipe. If this doesn’t work, you will need to try a different method.

Do not use this method if you know that the toilet clog is caused by something such as a child’s toy.When buying a plunger, remember that the larger the plunger, the more pressure you will be able to force down into the drain. Buying a heavy-duty plunger with a rubber flange on the bottom or the ball-shaped types are your best bets. These offer the best seal when you are trying to clear a clog. To plunge your toilet correctly, you will want to place the plunger into the toilet bowl and cover the hole completely. To be the most effective, you will want the plunger to be submerged in water, so you may have to add more water to the bowl. You want to do this so that you are using water pressure and not air to push through the pipe to the clog. Slowly and firmly begin plunging. If this doesn’t clear the clog either, you may wish to try one more method before calling a plumber.

Plumbing Snake
A plumbing snake is a flexible piece of coil wire that can easily move through the twists and turns of your water pipes. The best type of plumbing snake to have is one called a “closet auger” which is geared specifically for cleaning out clogged toilets. You use the snake by inserting one end of it into the toilet drain and work it through the pipes until you reach the clog. You will then twist and push the snake until you can make a hole through the clog and let the water drain out.

If you still have no luck clearing your clogged toilet schedule plumbing service and we will have a plumber to your door withing the hour.

Sinks and Drains

When you have a clogged sink in your Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach or Brevard County Home, there is a long held myth that nothing but the most powerful drain cleaning chemicals will break down the clog. Most of us use harsh commercial drain cleaning chemicals that are some of the most dangerous to be found in the home. Acid or Lye based, these dangerous chemical products can harm health, the Brevard County wastewater stream, and PVC pipes.

A gentle and sometimes effective method to clearing a clog from a drain is to use ingredients you may already have around the house, instead of burning through the clog with industrial chemicals. There are even eco-friendly enzyme cleaners available from many stores that slip the clog free from the pipe without harming any of the delicate chemical prone plumbing component materials such as rubber gaskets and PVC pipe. As woth a toilet, it doesn't hurt to try unclogging a drain first with an old-fashioned plunger; they often work well. In the event that the previous methods do not clear the drain, call Mckinney Plumbing of Cocoa to schedule plumbing service and we will have a plumber to your door withing the hour.